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  • Auhagen 13273 Row Houses Tt Kit

    Scale: TT 1: 120. Other: kit. Give us a call! OVP: Yes. Era: from III. Quantity: 1. This type detached arose frequently in the 1930s on the outskirts. They were simple but solid built and practical.
    EUR 23,76
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 8,51 spedizione
    Provenienza: Germania
  • Auhagen 13302 House Carola Tt Kit

    Scale: TT 1: 120. The house can be built into the hillside and at ground level. For required parts are included. Other: kit. US manufacturer. OVP: Yes. Era: from. Quantity: 1.
    EUR 24,81
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 12,01 spedizione
    Provenienza: Germania
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