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  • Mini Van

    The Mini Van was introduced in 1960 with s slightly longer chassis than the Mini car and a load capacity of a ¼-ton. It stayed in production until 1981 but was renamed in 1978 as the Mini 95. 1975 Mini Van.
    EUR 7.385,03
    5 offerteScadenza: mercoledì, alle 11:27 CEST1g 13oProvenienza: Irlanda
  • Austin Mini Advantage

    Austin Mini for full restoration, has all its parts. 998 CC.
    EUR 559,47
    0 offerteScadenza: 30 ott, alle 20:20 CET6g 23oProvenienza: Regno Unito
  • 1994 Classic Rover Mini Tahiti - restoration project or for spares

    Sadly my much-loved mini has got to the point where it needs a new sub-frame.
    EUR 1.566,52
    14 offerteScadenza: mercoledì, alle 12:40 CEST1g 14oProvenienza: Regno Unito