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  • Repeater ZyXEL N300 TIM 300 Mbps 1 Porta Ethernet

    Repeater ZyXEL N300. Con l’apposito interruttore puoi spegnere e riaccendere il repeater secondo le tue necessità. Indicatore di intensità del segnale trasmissivo tra repeater e modem ADSL. Repeater, Cavo Ethernet, Guida rapida di installazione.
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  • Point d'accès Wifi N 300 Mbps- Zyxel

    Point d'accès. Point d'accès managé. Multi SSID. Fonctions avancées Gestion des VLAN. Type de boîtier PVC certifié Plenum. Consommation 4 Watts. Bouton ON/OFF Non. PoE 802.3af.
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  • NUOVO! Zyxel WAP3205V3-GB0101F Wap3205 V3 802.11B/G/N Punto di accesso radio

    Zyxel WAP3205 v3 - radio access point. Tech Data Product Data Sheet - Zyxel WAP3205 v3(WAP3205V3-GB0101F). Zyxel WAP3205 v3. Create,connect,or extend a wireless N network;all with the ZyXEL wireless N300 access point.
    EUR 38,55
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  • Zyxel Access Point Wireless N300 WAP3205V3-GB0101F

    Multifunctional wireless access point Create, connect, or extend a wireless N network; all with the ZyXEL Wireless N300 Access Point. Adjustable wireless output power enables you choose how much power your Wi-Fi draws, potentially saving you more power.
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    Zyxel ZY-NWA1100-NH. FICHE TECHNIQUE : Point D Acces Sans Fil Zyxel ZY-NWA1100-NH. Nom ZyXEL NWA1100-NH. Taux maximum de transfert des données via le réseau local sans fil 300 Mbit/s. GENERAL CONDITIONS (boring, but important!).
    EUR 39,90
    Provenienza: Francia
  • Zyxel Access Point Wireless WAP3205V3-EU0101F 300Mbps

    Per le specifiche tecniche, potete consultare il sito web ufficiale Zyxel al seguente link E’ stato acquistato alla fine di Maggio. Condizioni generali di Vendita .
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  • Zyxel WAP3205 v3 Wireless N300 Access Point "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" button

    Multifunctional wireless access pointCreate, connect, or extend a wireless N network; all with the ZyXEL Wireless N300 Access Point. Extend your Wi-Fi coverage further with ZyXEL’s high-gain antennas.
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  • Zyxel NWA5123-NI Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Radio Affari Punto Di Accesso

    This Wireless Access Point has been taken out of a working WiFi setup where it was connected to a NXC2500 WiFi Controller. The unit is in great condition. It is setup in management mode and therefore will not allow login via a web browser. It will need to be factory reset when received to enable use as a standalone wireless access point if it is not going to be used with a controller using the reset button on the back. The listing is for: 1x ZyXEL NWA3560-N Wireless Access Point
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  • Nuova inserzioneZyxel WAP3205 V3 N300-con 5 porta Ethernet Switch-Nuovo di Zecca

    The item can be used in multiple ways including as a range extender if required and it has a 5-port switch which can be used for your other devices to plug into.
    EUR 16,86
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    EUR 22,48
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