• Scythe Katana 4 Silenzioso CPU Cooler

    The spirit of the Japanese sword inspired the naming of the famous CPU Cooler Katana. Well known for its reliability and its tilted fin structure the Katana 4, just like the Japanese sword, looks back on a long tradition.
    EUR 42,86
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 14,60 spedizione
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
  • Thermalright Argento Arrow IB-ad alte prestazioni estreme E CPU Cooler

    This allows this large CPU cooler to be installed onto virtually any motherboard without causing any interference with RAM or other surrounding components. The redesign also no longerblocks the top PCIe slot on ATX motherboards, which is a frequent criticism of users when using twin heatsink coolers.
    EUR 115,81
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 39,46 spedizione
  • PQ702 Scythe Katana 4 Intel LGA2011 Quiet CPU Cooler

    The Scythe Katana is back with a new, more efficient design, better cooling and now it's also LGA2011 compatible. As is common practice for all Scythe products, the Katana 4 provides maximum compatibility with a wide range of sockets.
    EUR 40,33
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 6,19 spedizione
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
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