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  • Sveglia al quarzo analogica movimento silenzioso in metallo Lowell JA7040

    EUR 20,90
    Materiale: Rame
    Display: Analogico
  • Karlsson minima Sveglia Rame Cassa Jeans Blu Faccia Silenzioso Sweep 10cm Diam

    Karlsson Copper Minimal Alarm Clock - Blue. Wake up in style with this chic Alarm Clock Minimal from Karlsson! Complete with a stunning copper plated surround and white face, this simple but stylish designer copper alarm clock is the perfect bedside companion. And not only does it look great, but it doesn’t make a sound (when the alarm isn’t set, anyway!) Instead, the second hand moves in a sweeping motion; this thoughtful feature means that even light sleepers won’t be disturbed. Styled like a traditional alarm clock, this sophisticated design will look great with many interior styles. There is really no better way to wake up in the morning-it might even put a smile on your face before work! Features: Karlsson Minimal alarm clock. Polished copper plated case.
    EUR 19,72
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 9,00 spedizione
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    Osservato da 17 persone
    Display: Analogue
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