• Kuhn Rikon, Padella antiaderente con manico ergonomico, 16 cm [Black] NUOVO

    Leggera, maneggevole e facile da lavare. Una pentola per arrosto che appartiene a qualunque cucina. Foto non contrattuali KUHN RIKON. Fabricant : Kuhn Rikon.
    EUR 41,97
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  • Kuhn Rikon Easy - Padella con rivestimento antiaderente in ceramica, pe NUOVO

    Foto non contrattuali KUHN RIKON. 1 x Kuhn Rikon Easy Ceramic Induction Frying Pan, 24cm, Black. Fabricant : Kuhn Rikon Of Switzerland. Especially in the modern kitchen fits our Easy Ceramic Induction: With new ceramic coating, heatable high (up to 450¬°C) with efficient heat transfer and easy to clean.
    EUR 58,88
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  • Kuhn Rikon Cucina Antiaderente latte Pan 16 cm

    Our Cucina Milk Pans are made from aluminium so are lightweight and great conductors of heat. The pans have a non-stick lining so they're easy to use and easy to clean.  These essential pans are great for everyday use and perfect for making sauces, heating milk, baked beans, making scrambled egg and more. The pan has two pouring spouts, for left or right-handed use, to enable safe and easy pouring. Great value, quality, milk pan that will heat up efficiently and clean easily Suitable for all types of hob - except induction. PFOA free 2 year guarantee
    EUR 23,46
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 14,56 spedizione
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