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  • 28cm Marble Coated Aluminium No Stick Wok Cookware Set Frying Pan Glass Lid

    A big wok is better than a big pan when you need to fry some cuisine for multiple people at once, the depth of wok largely reduces the possibility of spilling food out. We present you a new speckled wok which is made from 3.5 mm thick aluminium and features light-weight and a heat resistant silicone handle. The depth of 9 mm perfectly have you fry with confidence. The inner surface was coated in a non-stick finish and the bottom is flat, both features remove the need of much oil and the problems caused by unevenly distributing heat. The wok is absolutely an efficient helper for the purpose of cooking a large dish. Non-stick interior : quality non-stick interior for easy cooking & easy clean up Even heat base : Delivers heat evenly and makes cooking controllable Made from pure aluminium.
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