• 1x BOSCH LAMPADINA R2P45T 1987302023 [4047024926318]

    The headlamp and the bulb form a single unit in the vehicle. Bulbs from Bosch. Low-quality bulbs fail early, constituting a safety risk, often without the driver noticing the deterioration in light power.
    EUR 2,82
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 1,70 spedizione
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
  • BOSCH Puro/LT R2 12V 45/40W P45T - 1987302023

    Socket Type: P45t. Bulb Type: R2 (Bilux). Bulb, spotlight| Bulb, headlight| Bulb, fog light. Site Safety. Office Supplies. Catering Supplies. Janitorial & Hygiene. Tools & DIY.
    EUR 8,64
    Venditore Affidabilità Top
    EUR 9,98 spedizione
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
  • BOSCH 1 987 302 023 Lampadina, Faro

    Bulb Type - R2 (Bilux). Supersedes - 0 986 GL0 096 / 0 986 GL0 102.
    EUR 4,53
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 90,68 spedizione
  • BOSCH Pure lampadina R2 12V 45/40W P45T 1987302023

    You can check if this part is correct for your vehicle using the Bosch Online Catalogue. Labour claims & consequential loss claims are never accepted.
    EUR 7,87
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 0,78 spedizione
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