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  • Freecom Quattro 56068 3TB

    HFS formatting can be applied by using the Freecom VHD Formatter which is on the drive. Freecom Hard Drive Quattro (FAT-32 pre formatted ). CAPACITY: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 8TB . USB connection cable. FireWire 800 & FireWire 400 connection cables.
    EUR 127,46
    Provenienza: Grecia
    EUR 33,36 spedizione
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  • NUOVO! Freecom 56158 3TB Drive Sq USB 3.0 3.5" EXT HDD

    The new Freecom Hard Drive Sq desktop hard drive sets new design standards for an external storage device. Smooth lines and a square form factor. This drive looks stunning next to any notebook or computer, even next to your TV set.
    EUR 167,16
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 18,57 spedizione
  • Freecom 56068 HDDrive Quattro 3tb USB 3.0/fw 400/fw 800/eSATA ~ e ~

    HDDrive Quattro, 3TB. Die Abbildung ist symbolisch! USB 3.0/FW 400/FW 800/ eSATA. Brauchen Sie großen Stückzahlen?. Rufen Sie uns an.
    EUR 238,00
    Provenienza: Germania
    EUR 35,00 spedizione
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