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  • Eko 700/4V - Made in Italy early sixties - very rare.

    Eko 700/4V. unusual tremolo tailpiece. unusual fret markers. Made in Italy in the early sixties this is the top of the range model - 700/4V. The model is 700 which is the particular body shape, the 4 stands for the.
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  • EKO M-20 BENCHMARK Thru collo chitarra elettrica IBANEZ Japan 1970s 80s marchio Bench

    Late 1970s early 80s Eko M-20 Benchmark Electric Guitar. Its a high quality, well built guitar. A good example of guitar building in Japan in this era. Its a used guitar, pushing 40 years old so don't expect new or mint but it works fine and plays well.
    EUR 892,18
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  • 1979/80 EKO CX7-artista chitarra elettrica splendida condizione

    This guitar is just in such Stunning and Original condition. Here is a gem it is in near new condition with just a couple of small marks as can be seen from the photos. We all know that Italy is all about Fashion and STYLE and in the 1970's/80's this applied to their guitars as well.
    EUR 502,48
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