• 6 corde ponte cordiera TOM nero per chitarra elettrica Les Paul Epiphone

    1 Set cordiera per chitarra elettrica. - 1 Set 6 corde per corde di ricambio per chitarra elettrica a 6 corde. - Parti del ponte di ricambio perfette per chitarra Gibson LP ed EPI. Chitarra elettrica cromato a 6 corde.
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    Provenienza: Cina
  • John Lennon EJ-160E firma Epiphone Electro-Acoustic Guitar RARE J-160

    Beautiful guitar hardly used Rare John Lennon signature edition I small dink at back of headstock Electro/ acoustic Never been plugged in Hard case included Epiphone don’t make this limited edition anymore Around 12 years old but looks new as been kept in hardcase all it’s life Thanks for looking
    EUR 667,02
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 50,02 spedizione
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  • Collo largo Epiphone/Legacy acustico con Strat Pickup: 12 a 6 corde di conversione

    Legacy (by Epiphone)12 to 6 string conversion. I have ground around 5mm off the bass of the bridge saddle.Can you imagine just how high that "lovely to play" action was with a tall bridge saddle and a slack truss rod and high nut action!
    EUR 196,77
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 61,70 spedizione
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  • Gibson/Epiphone 6 String gancio sotto Tailpiece/TWIN collo/cromato

    FOR GIBSON / EPIPHONE SG STYLE 6/12 TWIN NECK. 6 STRING, HOOK-UNDER TAILPICE. Papa D's is based in famous Spa town of Droitwich, in Worcestershire & is owned & run by husband & wife team Andy & Marie De Looze.
    EUR 9,95
    Provenienza: Regno Unito
    EUR 4,44 spedizione
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