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    THERE IS ALSO 1064U01 NEW.
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  • ROTEL RC-850 & RB-850 Stereo Control Amplifier Pre amp & Power Amp FREE DELIVERY

    ROTEL RC-850 & RB-850 Stereo Control Amplifier Pre amp & Power Amp FREE UK DELIVERY Excellent Condition, Full Working Order, Couple Scratches To Top Of RC-850, Otherwise All Excellent Plug Will Be Removed When Dispatched To Abide By The Rules Of The Sale Of Second Hand Electrical Goods. Please See My Other Hi-Fi Separates These Are Great Power Amplifiers, On Paper Its Just A 50Watt Per Channel Power Amplifier. But This Is A Dual Mono Bloc Design. It Has A Symmetrical Layout For Each Channel, Along With Separate Power Transformers And Smoothing Too. It Will Double Its 50Watt Output To 100Watts When Run Into A 4 Ohm Load, Always A Sign Of A Good Amplifier With Plenty Of Grunt.
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    I condensatori slit foil hanno la capacità di caricarsi e scaricarsi con estrema rapidità, garantendo la fedeltà del segnale, ad esempio, nei crescendo orchestrali o nei colpi di grancassa. Lo stadio di uscita a componenti discreti è costituito da 10 transistor bipolari ad alta corrente per canale.
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  • Finale di potenza Rotel rb 960bx amplificatore dual mono

    Prestigioso finale di potenza Rotel rb 960bx,dual mono,in buone condizioni,ottimo suono,chi lo conosce non ha bisogno di presentazioni.Potenza in uscita: 60 W su 8 ohm (17,8 dBB). Uscita mono a ponte: 180W su 8 ohm (22.6dBW). Corrente di picco: 30A a 0,1 ohm, 10μs.  Sensibilità di ingresso: 1 V RMS. Impedenza di ingresso: 27k ohm. Risposta in frequenza: 15Hz-100kHz, -1dB. 
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    Marca: Rotel
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    Tipo: Amplificatore di potenza

    >Possibilità di utilizzo in modalità "bridged mono", con potenza di ben 1x360W RMS. >Possibility of use in "bridged mono" mode, for power up to 1x360W RMS. HI-END POWER AMPLIFIER. As widely demonstrated by several tests, the declared output power of 2x130W RMS on 8 Ohm (with THD less than 0.03%) with a damping factor of 500, is effectively much higher.
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    Marca: Rotel
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    Tipo: Amplificatore di potenza
  • Nuova inserzioneRotel RB-03 STEREO/MONO Amplificatore di potenza/USATO

    STEREO/MONO POWER AMPLIFIER. Power output: 70 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). GOOD CONDITION, ONLY MINOR SIGNS OF WEAR. FULLY TESTED & IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%. Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz.
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  • Rotel RB850, un Rotel RC 850 pre/amplificatore di potenza combinazione con il telefono pre-amp

    Used but not abused, good clean condition and still sounding great. Sold with a decent audio connect. Deep, clean and powerful sound with a MC/MM phono pre-amp.
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  • Rotel RB-03 STEREO O MONO A PONTE utilizzare amplificatore di potenza di uscita alta (inserzione due)

    It can be used as either a Stereo Power Amplifier or as a Bridged Mono Power Amplifier. A UK Mains Lead will be supplied with it as well. A copy of its Original Instruction Manual should be available for you to Download from the internet.
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  • Rotel Rkb-2100 amplificatore di potenza

    Rotel RKB-2100 2 Channel 100W Power Amplifier This looks great and works perfect. Missing manual and factory packaging . Couple scratch on the top. Please see the photos.
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  • Rotel RB-971 amplificatore di potenza. eccellente.

    Up for sale is a Rotel RB971 power amplifier. This is a really good sounding and powerful 2 channel power amp. Has 4 output transistors a channel (instead of the more usual 2). for good current delivery. Can easily drive 4 ohm speakers well (as well as 8 ohm). Can be bridged mono too for nearly 3 times more power. Condition is pretty decent. There are a few more minor marks up close but nothing serious. Postage UK £15 Europe £25
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  • Rotel RB 870 BX amplificatore stereo.

    Rotel amplifier in general good condition with some signs works fine
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  • Rotel RB-2000 Power Amp

    Power output: 120 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Used but in great condition, it has a few scuffs here and there. It's just had a full service. Weight: 18kg. Speaker load impedance: 4Ω (minimum).
    EUR 889,36
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  • Rotel RMB-1512 amplificatore di potenza del canale DODICI - 12 canali X 100w a 8 ohm

    Damping Factor (20Hz-20kHz, 8ohms) 200. Amplifier Gain 27.2db. Crosstalk / Separation > 70 db. Continuous Power Output 100 watts/channel (20-20k Hz, <0.03% THD, 8 ohms). Power Consumption.
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