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Note del venditore: Brand New item in a sealed bottle.

Higher Proclivity



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Please note: We are providing a higher concentration slimming formula. This is only for a limited time. This finishes before 8th July. All ingredients are concentrated. Your dose must be no more than 4 pills each day. Each bottle contains 60 pills. All will be contained within a smaller white, cylindrical bottle. This is a limited time opportunity, therefore please take advantage while you can! We will be interested in our customer reviews!





**For all our buyers we have further bonuses!**

1. Weight loss Report,

2. Detox Report,

3. Body Wrap Report,

4. 10 x Weight loss Newsletters.

Please contact us about these, even if you do not buy a bottle!



Now 50% EXTRA per bottle = 90 capsules!


100% dedicated to customer service, 100% dedicated to your satisfaction, 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of receipt - Please be certain to follow the dosage notes (Provided inside the package)!

No prescription is needed!

All ingredients are FDA compliant, produced at GMP facility.



Before and After Pictures From Some Of Our Successful Clients:




Ebay ID: newlife0421 (Australia)

newlife0421 is an internet customer of ours who kindly gave us their eBay user id to provide a testimonial for our products. We thank him very much for his support and trying **ALL** of our Lipotropic products, with added:

Acai, Capsicum, Carbohydrate Blocker, L-Carnitine, Chitosan, Energy, Green Tea, Gymnema Sylvestris, Hoodia, Extra Lipotropic, Mango and Thyroid support. (Each with the same core ingredients, yet with a little extra added!)

You can see his excellent results in the pictures to the left.


Hello there Higher Proclivity!

It's been great receiving so much information and guidance about my weight loss progress... When you offered up so many different formulas, I was confused about which one I should use. However, you soon clarified that for me and how to use each different product for different reasons. I found some did work better for me than others - to begin with I tried your core Lipotropic, which as you explained gives the central ingredients of every variety that you offer.

I started out at just under 105kgs - Really heavy as you can see in the photos that I have sent you! The core Lipotropic formula was excellent - I lost 5kgs in the first 10 days alone - fast but I was happy to combine these pills will exercise as you suggested. I took the 'High L-Carnitine' and 'High Energy' formulas as you suggested. The difference with and without the pills during exercise was really significant. I could do a lot more. Then again there were times when I really did not feel like doing all the extra exercise and was feeling tired, and a softer formula was better suited for me.

When I was feeling a bit more lazy, the appetite suppressant varieties were best - i.e. Hoodia and Gymnema Sylvestris. I am not saying that I lost as much weight when I took these - I was being lazy - but it stopped my evening snacking and meals which were ruining my progress.

I visited my doctor and he said there wasn't anything too wrong with my thyroid, so I did not take those ones and he also cautioned me against taking too many weight loss pills! So I switched over to the gentler varieties that you suggested, i.e. the Acai and Mango extract pills - these were better when I needed something less stressful on my system. I did find though that when I gently exercised and drank plenty of water as you suggested, I was able to take the pills for a longer period without taking a break and with little if any, side effects.

Another trouble was so much of socializing with other people involves food! It seems that to make friends with the people I know, I must eat! Well, in that case, just before going to see them I would take either the fat blocker and / or the Carb blocker... Of course, I could not ask what was on the menu beforehand but with these I did find that even if I did eat too much I was not ruined! As you explained, the Fat and Carb blockers stopped fats and carbohydrates from being absorbed into my body. I also noticed my system become a bit more efficient if you know what I mean ;-)

I took my progress slowly - slow weight loss with exercise is always going to be a better approach - I took about 8 months to get the results that you can see in my after picture - yet these pills really made sure I kept up with the job. Your support through your hints and tips was excellent too...





These are the formulas that I found really worked well for me, the others weren't bad, but I got used to the core formula, Hoodia formula, Gymnema, Acai, Mango, Fat blocker, Carb Blocker, L-Carnitine and Energy formula in particular with a result 8 months later of just 80kgs total body weight. I have still got a little belly fat - but nothing like what I have had before! ... Also, I lost my double chin which makes me feel very good about myself. You can see all in my after photo! I am using the L-Carnitine formula mostly now for muscle mass and my upper body definitely feels stronger now.

All my photos I had taken in front of the same door frame so you can see my change in width! :-)

These are excellent formulas and I recommend them to anyone! Thanks for these solutions, Higher Proclivity - you have definitely boosted by confidence and self esteem.




Before After Pictures of man with fast weight loss. BEFORE

Ebay ID: gilbert_grape75 (United Kingdom)

"Since I was around 13 years of age, I have gradually put on more and more weight. By the age of 31 I was up to a weight excess of 20 stone. My doctor informed me that I was headed on a path of shorter life expectancy, heart disease and all the usual health problems associated with my lifestyle and weight.

Apart from all of that, I was suffering from a low self esteem, generally feeling sluggish and unable to just get things done.




It was time to do something about it. After trying some other weight loss supplements to little effect, I happened upon your advert. Sticking to my new routine of eating less, exercising more was sooooo difficult until I took the Higher Proclivity weight loss supplements you provide. My appetite was suppressed, I started experiencing higher energy levels, walking much more and a generally improved digestion. The kinds of food I yearned to eat began to change.

I was overjoyed to receive your suggestion of some before and after pictures and it was the least that I could do since you started me on a new and happier path.

I made a professional job on the ‘before’ pictures making some positive visualisations as to what I wanted to be. Imagine my joy when it came to taking the ‘after’ pictures! Your product really does work.

Yes, you do need to modify your lifestyle – less food and the right kind, exercise, lots of water – however these help you to make those changes. When you suggested that I drink more water and sensibly increase the dose I was taking the results were even more pronounced – Fantastic!!!

You have changed my life, my wife loves it as she was getting concerned for me and I feel so much more comfortable around people. Amazingly, I lost 107 lbs, in a period of only 83 days! I cannot thank you enough – all I can say is that it simply changes everything."

Endorsed by our clients

gilbert_grape75 is one of our mail order clients who is also registered on eBay and made very good use of the hints and tips that we sent out to our customers. Please make sure that you receive this email as it provides guidelines relating dosage and lifestyle that will boost your results. This result is not by any means unusual!




Before After Pictures of woman with fast weight loss  


Ebay userid: indianer95 (Germany)

“Hi Steve, I am writing on behalf of my wife who tried this product with great success… She has already been contacted twice by other German ebay customers to get information about her experience with your product.

As you can imagine we have given you the best recommendations. Unfortuately we didn´t find a photo where my wife is standing (she usually used to hide before somebody was able to take a shot of her) but you can see a great deal of difference in her arms and torso at the very least. The results are definitely visible. 

Some bodyfacts - Before use of your product she weighed 54kgs. Now she returns to her natural, actual weight of 47 kgs. An excellent result in a very short period of time.

Keeping slim is very important for my wife’s work and it is a pleasure to affiliate with your website!




BEFORE                                                 AFTER

Woman losing

In Progress:

Ebay userid: houseno3 (Australia)
After Photos Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 20:40:41 +1000

Hi There Steve here are some I guess you could call them mid way after shots. Current weight 80.01 kg Starting weight 92.1kg in mid February as I said before I still have a way to go but I am very grateful to your weight loss pills for giving me a helping hand.and the great thing is there are no weird side effects ( like some other ones that I have tried)

I would just like to remind people to use the pills with a bit of common sense yes they do work BUT you must eat well and not fill up on junk foods and then complain that they don’t work because as I know they do work. ( you can still have a treat now and then I do)

I brought the dress in the after shot 3 months ago and I could not fit in to it, I was at the time a size 20 going on to a size 22 the dress is a size 18 I know I still have work to do but I am well on my way.

The good thing is I now have the energy to get up and move that is what people will notice with the pills is that they give you the boost to move your butt. Well I wish you well and I will send further photos as I get closer to goal.



Even though the customer below has invited you to contact him about this product, we still request that you do not as her will be overloaded with emails! (It is very kind of her to offer though!)

Ebay ID: danoo6000 (United Kingdom)

10 months ago i was looking for something to eat to get slim. i was checking various products on ebay but suddenly clicked by the higher- proclivity products. i ordered two bottles first,i was near to finish second bottle i was feeling different like not hungry. i ordered third bottle which turned to be miracle for me. at that time my weight was 115 kg. i strictly followed steve note that this product will only work when you are eating reasonable amount of food not like eating cheese cake and taking medicine.

well within a month i lost 10kg which is quite surprizing for me and really it worked for me now i am 72kgs 26 years old and still eat this product to reduce to my target of 66kg. i am glad and feel more confident. please trust me there is no addiction or side effects with this product. i have tried and tested. for further information please contact me on my ebay id danoo6000

These ebay members have very kindly allowed us to use their feedback and ebay username to vouch for the effectiveness of this product. We have their permission on the basis that they are not inundated with emails asking for more information. Please direct your enquiries to us! Nevertheless, each of these eBay userids can be found using the eBay search to reveal that these are bona fide, diverse worldwide customers:

Ebay ID: ginoparigino (Italy)

I have tried many different pills without any results. After looking for some time on eBay to discover something to lose weight, I found these pills and made the decision, after reading the testimonials to acquire them. After 2 weeks I have definitely lost weight, even without exercise. I advise anyone to try these when they want to slim down.

Ebay ID: knomes1979 (Australia)

I have tried many different diets with little or no success so after looking through ebay for that miracle pill for weight loss I found Higher Proclivity Weight Loss Pills and decided after reading the testimony I would give them a go. After just 2 days I began to lose weight and after 2 weeks I noticed I had less fat on my stomach and my clothes were beginning to get looser. I liked these pills as they made you drink a lot of water and feel energised for the day as well as sleeping well at night. I began a journal of my weight and lost a dress size (approx 6.5kg) in just 3 weeks without any exercise. I am repeat costumer for this product and recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight, particular if you have plateau in weight loss and need to give your body a push to kick start weight loss”.

UPDATE from Ebay ID: houseno3 (Australia) - PROVIDER OF SOME PICTURES BELOW!

I have found myself gaining weight and I have again turned to Higher Proclivity Weight Loss tablets to help as I know that they work they are a great way to get you going on the weight loss journey (one thing do not take them late in the evening as you will have to much energy to burn ) just eat sensible ( allow yourself a few treats and you will achieve your results. Good Luck..

Ebay ID: chrisr870 (United States)

I am 31 years old and petite - I am 5 foot 1 so as you can imagine any additonal weight will look much worse as I am short. Last January I was sitting down and moaning (as we do) about putting on weight and being 'fat'. With me it tends to sit around my middle, my upper thighs and under my chin. My partner turned around and said 'Well do something about it then!' It was the inevitable 'kick' I needed. Not because he wanted me to lose weight but because he wanted me to be happy.

I had been very unhappy with my weight for a long time. I wasn't extremely overweight but being 11 stone 4 at that time and only 5 foot 1 I really could see and feel how the weight affected me. I calculated my BMI and I was in the 'Obese' catagory. I was disgusted. I work in an office environment so I am sat down for 8 hours a day. Something had to be done. So I decided to try Higher Proclivity's 'Lipotropics'. I found their eBay page to be laid out clearly, concisely and to the point. It went into detail about the product and reading the feedback from other customers they really looked like they worked.

I must at this point make it clear that I am a very sceptical person. But I was willing to give these a try so ordered my first bottle.

They arrived extremely quickly (as they have always done since) and in discreet packaging. I received emails with indepth information, hints, tips and advice from Higher Proclivity and really felt they were with me 'all the way'. I felt that if I needed to ask anything they would be there. I would take two capsules in the morning with a light breakfast and then two later in the day with dinner. I would also try my best to drink the advised 2 litres of water a day. I actually drank sugar free squash. If like me you find the prospect of drinking 2 litres of plain water a bore try it! The first week I lost 4lbs! I was so excited and this gave me the boost to stick to it. Each week I continuosly and steadily lost 1-2lbs.

I didn't drastically change my diet either. I am not a big chocolate eater or snack eater anyway but I love carbs and my big evening meal. This was my downfall. So I would just eat sensibly e.g a yoghurt or fruit for breakfast and then either soup, salad or crackers for lunch. this was not a change for me anyway. However I did NOT cut back or deprive myself on my evening meal. We would still have our roasts, lasagne, currys etc. I even still had a treat every Friday and had a takeaway! I really did not cut this out - I felt it was important I didn't deprive myself.

I soon started having compliments at work and at home as the weight came off and this really gave me the boost to carry on. As I mentioned early my job means I sit at a desk for almost 8 hours a day. I didn't really do any exercise other than quite a lot of walking. I steadily lost weight until I lost 2 stone in total. I went from size 14/16 to a size 10/12. I felt and looked better than I had done in years! I also had much more get up and go! I didn't have any nasty side affects either. I know (unfortunately from personal experience) that some diet pills can give you the 'shakes' or make you feel unwell - these didn't for me.

This year I have gained some weight again (as I have not been sticking to a diet/pills) but I know that with these capsules I can take them and start that exciting journey again! I don't want to just look great for Christmas - I want to look great ALWAYS!

Ebay ID: kylienewall (Australia) (WE AWAIT PICTURES FROM THIS CLIENT LATER!)

I have lost a total of 12kg after using just 2 bottles of 'Higher Proclivity Weight Loss Pills'. I was miserable weighing in at 92kg (my heaviest) i can now happily say i weigh 80kg. I will continue to use  'Higher Proclivity Weight Loss Pills' to help me get to my goal weight of 65kg. This is a fantastic product and i highly recommend it :-)


Fast Weight Loss Slimming Pills


Product Description

Higher Proclivity – This is the lowest price available on eBay for Lipotropic fat burners. In a conscientious effort for our clients, we have applied time and investment to improve this formula - particularly (but not only) in relation to the Guarana content - in order that this will exceed your expectations. ‘Lipotropic’ derives from the words for ‘Fat’ and ‘Movement’. These supplements are quite literally designed for the movement of fat out of the body.

Heightened Metabolism

These Lipotropic weight loss supplements are renowned for increasing energy levels through the boosting of metabolic rates as well as the suppression of appetite. This leads to the reduction of fat, through dissipation out the body, its heightened use within the body as well as the reduction of fat consumption into the body.

These have a high rate of success, with a small percentage of users experiencing extremely rapid weight loss (see testimonials and link to photos below), yet of course success cannot be guaranteed for all - so we provide a refund guarantee.

This supplement is of a high-level refinement, ideal for those looking for exceptional results when dieting, exercising or simply when in need of a boost of energy.

Regulated, safe ingredients

Don’t be mislead by recent imitations, - Higher Proclivity Lipotropics are created in association with Bionutricals, registered with the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in compliance with cGMP manufacturing standards.


**Investigations have shown that these supplements can initiate rapid BMI decrease in a degree similar to Phentermine, yet without similar stimulant related side effects.**

Before you Consider Anything Else, See How This Product Compares With Other Solutions:


NO! Recommended water consumption needed only SOME NO NO SIDE EFFECTS
Never more than $30 USD, typically $15 only $15 - $100 USD $15 - $100 USD $15 - $100 PRICE
5 to 50lbs (upper limit for a small percentage of customers) 5 to 40lbs 5 to 35lbs 5 to 35lbs MONTHLY WEIGHT LOSS 

Customer Testimonials From Our Mail Order Service:

Disclaimer: The results indicated by the testimonials below as well as the eBay customers testimonials and life stories mostly represent typical results as indicated by the "How much weight will I lose" section below. Where results are atypical i.e. more than expected, these customers have followed our weight loss guidance report for diet and lifestyle as well as maintaining a high water intake - this is especially the case for Julie M., Brighton and Simon B., Rottingdean. All eBay customer testimonials have been endorsed by the customers themselves, being found from locations around the world such as Australia and Germany. A simple eBay member search will show how far spread and diverse these customers are.

“Remarkably, after using these for only 2 weeks I have managed to lose 13lbs. I had better halve my intake as in another 2 weeks I will have lost too much!” 
Julie M., Brighton

Favourite client:

“I have never had a result like this before – 1 ¼ stone lost in 3 months. I was uncertain about trying this before but they just do what they are supposed to..!” 
Simon B., Rottingdean

“I combined this formula with a walking exercise routine and the weight simply fell off me. Now I am back to the same slim shape that I was 5 years ago.” 
Mark S., Burgess Hill

“What a result! I feel more energetic than before and don’t want to eat as much… No more sugary foods!” 
Samantha M. Shoreham


To really see the effectiveness of the Higher Proclivity supplements, put on an item of tight clothing at the beginning of the one bottle two week course and see the difference at the end of the fortnight!







Feedback From Our Ebay Customers

Disclaimer: The results indicated by the eBay customers testimonials and life stories below mostly represent typical results as indicated by the "How much weight will I lose" section below. Where results are atypical i.e. more than expected, these customers have followed our weight loss guidance report for diet and lifestyle as well as maintaining a high water intake. All eBay customer testimonials have been endorsed by the customers themselves, being found from locations around the world such as Australia and Germany. A simple eBay member search will show how far spread and diverse these customers are.

These ebay members have very kindly allowed us to use their feedback and ebay username to vouch for the effectiveness of this product. We have their permission on the basis that they are not inundated with emails asking for more information. Please direct your enquiries to us! Nevertheless, each of these eBay userids can be found using the eBay search to reveal that these are bona fide, diverse worldwide customers. 

We have also agreed that their feedback in this description would be removed without question should they wish. Therefore, please respect their privacy - We will investigate any obvious nuisance messages sent to our customers.

These feedbacks represent just a small sample of the many weight loss successes since we started our sales on eBay.

Do not miss out on the more detailed success stories of many of these members that follow.

 POSITIVE  Fast Postage, Great Ebayer A++ lost 2kgs great will do business again
Buyer: evezezydealz
 POSITIVE  netter geschaftspartner, note 1A....bin gespannt ob es wirkt....DANKE :-)
  • Follow up by seyda38 (Sep-26-08 03:54):
    es klappt wirklich, 2kilo in einer woche weg *freu*... kann es nur weiterempfehlen
Buyer: seyda38
 POSITIVE  thanks i have lost weight without dieting. thanks again
 POSITIVE  excellent seller...Fast Delivery ..product has worked well within a week..
 POSITIVE  Works perfectly, thank you very much, looking much better already :D A++
 POSITIVE  toll, hab in 4 tagen 2kg abgenommen!!!!
 POSITIVE  great ebayer as usual wonderful items 5 star rating ***********AAAAAA
 POSITIVE  very happy. Works for me
 POSITIVE  very happy works for me. lost 1.3kg each week
 POSITIVE  quick delivery, strong fat burner. Recommended to all.
 POSITIVE  These really do work!! I,v already lost a few kilos!!
 POSITIVE  Super Produkt. Bremst den Hunger auf Susses.Kombi mit Sport u die Pfunde purzeln.
 POSITIVE Brilliant product have lost just under a stone in 5 weeks! Fab item, Fab seller!
 POSITIVE Hier Eurofuchs2011. Dieses Produkt ist einfach SUPER Vielen Dank.In 7 Tg, 5Kg.
Buyer: eurofuchs2011
 POSITIVE Habe in 1 Woche 2,5 Kilo abgenommen. Super
Buyer: *lamava*
 POSITIVE Alles bestens, danke. In der ersten Woche 3kg trotz Schokolade.
Buyer: gm2209
 POSITIVE 4 days, -2kg, very very very well, it's ok+++++++++++++++++++++++++
Buyer: lapoisse02
Buyer: zhuoqun521
Buyer: hannah230993
 POSITIVE 5 kg 2 weekends!!
Buyer: magic_trains
 POSITIVE viel dank.. das funktioniert wirklich habe in einer woche 2 kg abgenommen...
Buyer: aprilia198588
 POSITIVE Super Ware. Top Verkäufer! Gerne wieder. Blitzversand! Netter Kontakt.
Buyer: mondoverde123
 POSITIVE Does what it says on the tin - all my old wardrobe fits again in just weeks
Buyer: rowumpire
 POSITIVE great product,lost weight without even realising!x
Buyer: imthatblonde
 POSITIVE I still cant believe it, I have lost about 4lb in 6 days. I will order more
Buyer: afolabibolanle
Buyer: dentman221
 POSITIVE v.fast delivery. been taking for 5 days so far 2lbs lost. ordering more.
Buyer: yumi_mummy
 POSITIVE Strano ma vero in 15 gg. nonostante le festività ho perso 2,3 kg
Buyer: gianfranco289
 POSITIVE Got here one day after purchase! Way less hungry after only one pill! A+++ xxx
Buyer: kelse1991
 POSITIVE Exellent stuff, thanks for your chap chap delivery. super fat burner working...
Buyer: hajjijumaan
 POSITIVE brilliant as described, 5 ****ebayer! these do actually work - yes they do! amaz
Buyer: missmonroesart
 POSITIVE Dämpft den Hunger! Mit etwas anderer Ernährung - 2 kg in einer Woche!!
Buyer: arianek21
 POSITIVE Magnificient!! Perfect!! Lovely!! Super!! Great!! Absolutely Top!! Wonderful!!
Buyer: schuhabsatz
 POSITIVE 1 kg en 2 jours c'est super
Buyer: telolo05
 POSITIVE this is my 2nd bottle- i lost 11lb in 3weeks!!!!!!
Buyer: kai1059
 POSITIVE super! thak you, already 4lbs lost in 1 week
Buyer: olivia-alain
 POSITIVE produit de tres bonne qualité qui ne ment pas -3kg en 2jours
Buyer: luciole955
 POSITIVE V quick delivery - my 2nd bottle lost nearly 12lb since taking them
Buyer: catwoman61blue
 POSITIVE 3rd tub - a good product - lost a stone so far in 6 weeks
Buyer: catwoman61blue
 POSITIVE Dopo 2 settimane ho perso 4kg!!!Direi che è perfetto!Credo che ne ordino altri 2
Buyer: oromek
 POSITIVE great product, lost 11 lbs in a week
Buyer: fenwayfive1971
 POSITIVE lost 5 pounds so far,fast delivery many thanks
Buyer: 0774watts13
 POSITIVE loosing approx 400 grams p. day... Unbelievable!!!
Buyer: elerhcp
 POSITIVE Todo ok. Muy atento. He perdido volumen y 1,300 kg en una semana
Buyer: gemca75
 POSITIVE -2kg sans regime + energie
Buyer: coucou8562
 POSITIVE 2 &1/2lb in 4 days without diet!!!! amazing!!!!! highly recommended!!!! thanx x
Buyer: aimee291083
 POSITIVE - 1.5KG 1s A++
Buyer: coresmas
Buyer: leatherworld4you
 POSITIVE I lost 1.6kg in the first week! Love the tips and hints emails too! Thanks.
Buyer: jesswelch1234
 POSITIVE very very quick delivery. lost 1/2 stone in a week.
Buyer: holmes.cheryl1986
 POSITIVE great seller lost 3kg fantastic.................
Buyer: candiem89
 POSITIVE Lost 8kg in 3 month...great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyer: babyyanni
 POSITIVE These are great!! I have lost 3.4kgs already!!! Thankyou so much!!!
Buyer: princess_cass86
 POSITIVE Great support throughtout from seller! 10lbs lost so far 3rd bottle thanks! :o)
Buyer: chrisr8703
 POSITIVE Thanks again still steadily losing weight on 2nd bottle now! Great support too!
Buyer: chrisr8703
 POSITIVE This seller Ex, The pills are working as my mum and dad are big people thank u A
Buyer: jane_961
 POSITIVE this product is very good lost 4 kg in 1 week very fast results
Buyer: crazyafghan4life
 POSITIVE Super fast delivery and results started kicking in after 5-7 days OH YEAH!!! A++
Buyer: queen_of_safety
 POSITIVE fantastic absolutely fantastic the fastest shipping fantastic product +A service
Buyer: leaanne208
Buyer: siempre.1
Buyer: simonback
 POSITIVE Perfekte + Zuverlässige Abwicklung! Der Poohbär bedankt sich sehr artig. TOLL!
Buyer: elchi**
 POSITIVE great product have lost 2 kg iwill be getting more
Buyer: chickybella
 POSITIVE Lost 5 kg. Sooooooo good!!!!
Buyer: rina_1982_aka_xena
 POSITIVE love them....cheers lost 4 stone in 2 weeks great item... better than starving
Buyer: dig8663
Buyer: honeyplop69
 POSITIVE Fantastic product 100% recommended, 1st bottle lost 3.8 kgs and still losing
Buyer: nicholle29
 POSITIVE thank you very much really good already lost 2 kilos HIGHLY RECOMMOND GOOD MAN
Buyer: bro4life1992
 POSITIVE Thanks heaps they really work lost 2kg in a week
Buyer: knomes1979
 POSITIVE 2 days and weight starting to drop, thankyou
Buyer: antiny13
 POSITIVE Excellent product, really got the tough kgs moving, quick delivery A+A+A+
Buyer: jlw63fat
 POSITIVE Second time buying and just as happy. Great seller. Thankyou
Buyer: buddy_hollie
 POSITIVE Total loss = 21lbs I am so happy with this seller - Thank You! A+++ 5Star Seller
Buyer: makenna_moonbeam
 POSITIVE Schneller Versand, reibungsloser Ablauf und in 5 Tagen 2Kilo weniger !!
Buyer: gamestore_24
Buyer: makenna_moonbeam
 POSITIVE Top Ebayer! Ware ist SUPER! Hardcoremaus-2007 sagt Danke!!!
Buyer: hardcoremaus-2007
 POSITIVE quick in the mail already lost 4 lbs! amazing!
Buyer: misspestilence
 POSITIVE LOVE this item! I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!
Buyer: ineedhelpmentally
 POSITIVE Ich habe durch die pillen 10kg abgenommen. einfach super! Weiter zu empfehlen
Buyer: konzigeher22
 POSITIVE Fast postage, Great Ebayer A+++ lost 2kgs great will do business again
Buyer: hotdolladealz
 POSITIVE Good Good... All going fine so far. Helps with hunger you do need to eat better
Buyer: malntinna
 POSITIVE Fantastic - Easy to deal with. So far so good - lost 2kg
Buyer: sonia8890
 POSITIVE Top ebayer, klasse Ware : 3 kilo sind schon unten !
Buyer: 6363michaela
 POSITIVE Item as described ... thank you :-) ... welcome new body !!
Buyer: nurafidah79
 POSITIVE Excellent product, great appetite suppresant, really happy
Buyer: lisoneill
 POSITIVE iv been taking these for 6 days and av lost 2 n half pounds... thanku
Buyer: hallam2101
 POSITIVE perfect as always. Fast delivery and the pills work great!
Buyer: bks_rock
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Buyer: eisvogel46
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Buyer: nasty_baby_doll


Ebay Customer Success Stories

Disclaimer: The results indicated by the eBay customers testimonials and life stories below mostly represent typical results as indicated by the "How much weight will I lose" section below. Where results are atypical i.e. more than expected, these customers have followed our weight loss guidance report for diet and lifestyle as well as maintaining a high water intake. All eBay customer testimonials have been endorsed by the customers themselves, being found from locations around the world such as Australia and Germany. A simple eBay member search will show how far spread and diverse these customers are.

Please note we have permission to use these true-life stories on the basis that these members are not inundated with email. Please respect this wish and direct your enquiries to us. Any obvious nuisance emails to our customers we will investigate. Of course you are welcome to investigate the authenticity of these members by using the Ebay member search facility.

Ebay ID: busypensioner (United Kingdom)

When I started taking this supplement I weighed 18 stone (114kgs). My ideal weight is 12 stone (76kgs) and since using these I have lost roughly 3 to 5 pounds per week. That is about a stone and a half in total I have lost so far, which might be less than what is stated on the bottle but I am disabled and I can't get much exercise. Since taking these I both feel and look much better than I did before - it works!

For those who have larger amounts of weight to lose, this product can give fast weight loss results without exercise and at any age.

Ebay ID: ikamouse2007 (United Kingdom)

I have tried different diet pills and nothing worked, they may have been £5 or £4 but all those add up at the end of the day if you know what I mean.
I am 5. 9 tall weighed 10.9 stone so I wanted, no desperately needed to lose at least a stone, I had tried different other diet pills nothing worked, my problem is I want to lose weight yesterday so I needed something which would enable me to lose those few stubborn kilos.

When I bought these diet pills I was skeptical at first as I had tried so many others even free samples, but once I started I found I was actually forgetting to eat breakfast or lunch I wasn't hungry at all, and I've started drinking 2lt of water a day (I should of started this water thing long ago).
I feel more energized, I would work early in the morning (6am-8.30am) and I used to feel so shattered I would sleep once the kids went on to school, now I come from work, get into the housework, etc.

I'm glad to say that I now weigh 10 stone, all that I lost was over 2 weeks AND this was without dieting and exercise, I am so chuffed as I have a wedding to go to beginning of October.

Thanx so much.

(P.S) if I ate healthy I would lose more

Thanx again

The appetite suppressing qualities of this supplement can be considerable. While this is effective in weight loss, it is better to always eat something no matter how little for each meal. It is highly recommendable to drink 2 litres ++ every day with these. If drinking too much water in colder periods makes the body feel too cold, then drinking hot water helps equally well.

Ebay ID: seyda38 Deutschland (Germany)

Ich habe tatsächlich weniger hunger, bekomme sehr viel durst und trinke deswegen sehr viel wasser was meinen hungergefühl zusätzlich verdrängt. Ich bin motivierter und fühle mich sehr fit... jetzt nehme ich die pillen seit ca.10 tagen und habe insagesamt 3 kilo abgenommen, bin von kleidergrösse 40 auf 38 runter was mich sehr freut, jetzt passe ich wieder in meine alten klamotten rein. ausserdem habe ich einen grossen bewegungsdrang, zbsp. gehe ich jetzt jeden abend entweder 1 stunde walken oder fahre eine halbe stunde fahrrad um meine energie die noch zuviel ist abzubauen, früher war ich sehr "faul" und antriebslos...

Having a considerable thirst is not unusual and should be treated with increased water consumption. 

Ich fühle mich auf jeden fall besser und attraktiver,wie jede frau eben die es endlich schafft ihre überflüssigen kilos loszuwerden. Ich finde diese pillen einfach nur klasse, und der preis ist auch recht günstig, diese investition lohnt sich auf jeden fall finde ich. Was meine nahrungsgewohnheit angeht, ich esse eigentlich ganz normal wie vorher, sogar schokolade esse ich weiterhin und trotzdem nehme ich ab und das finde ich einfach nur suuuuupppppeeeeerrrrr. Ich hoffe ich konnte dir weiterhelfen, falls du denn noch fragen hast schreibe mir einfach...

Feelings of heightened activity are to be expected. This testimony is an example of weight loss even while consuming typically high foods such as chocolate. For the loss of the last remaining kilos nearer your natural weight, changes in lifestyle will probably be necessary.

Ebay ID: evezezydealz (Australia)

I found the results of these pills simply unbelievable. I wanted to lose some weight before moving from Australia and as a lady weighing at 75 kilos on an originally small frame, I had a big task ahead of me. I was 15 kilos overweight and I lost most of it over a period of 1 month without exercise and just a little healthy eating!!!

Every constitution is different and some will have very potent responses to this supplement. This is a remarkable result!

Ebay ID: matty_rox! (Australia)

Ok, So I am a 17 year old student and I weighed 85kg which is a lot, so I tried these pills and with a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and red meat along with exercise I was able to accomplish something and lose over 7kg.

In this example a good result was achieved by pairing diet/exercise changes with these supplements. The effect of lifestyle changes together with these slimming pills is greater than the sum of the effect from the slimming pills and lifestyle change when considered separately. *These are ideal for sports related weight regulation. 

Ebay ID: alburaiki (Australia)

The product was helpful in many ways, I started waking up earlier than usual. Then, it seems I have managed to reduce inches from my waist in the first week, which was significant after trying some outfits. It boosted my energy for sure because I was using some other slimming pills that had different outcome.

This product has helped me feel healthier through having a better metabolism. After all, it really reduced my cravings, which was my main problem. In addition, I became more active in doing my housework and other daily things. I would recommend it to anyone who is facing digestion issues.

Thanks for such excellent product.

Awakening earlier in the day is a typical effect from these and if your goal is to fit into a slimmer garment these will definitely assist. The focus of Lipotropic weight loss is to aid the digestion and gain greater nourishment from whatever food you consume. Especially with high water intake, you should notice a difference in your food cravings. You will observe less sudden hunger pangs and a desire for healthier food. 
Ebay ID: yorkshire.dame (United Kingdom)

Being overweight since my early childhood has led me to try many diets & many dieting products, some with success, some without but the main factor always being that the weight always returned. Now at 39 years old & with physical disabilities, I find it just as difficult to maintain a steady weight because of being less active. This product has helped me to lose over 2.5 stone in weight & drop from a size 22 to a size 18. It stops me feeling hungry & makes me change my eating habits to eating what I want but smaller portions! 

A pair of size 18 Trousers that sat in my wardrobe for over 2 years & I always hoped that one day I would fit into them, well now I can & they're even slightly too big!! This has completely changed my skepticism on slimming pills & I am now aiming to fit into the size 16 Trousers I bought! Just knowing that I take a slimming pill that REALLY works helps me to think positive & stay positive in my weight loss achievements. Looking better on the outside makes me feel so much better on the inside, improves my mood & makes a new day feel less of a challenge!

Ebay user yorkshire.dame will continue to be supplied with these supplements and we will be waiting in anticipation for her further weight loss results. An excellent result so far and it will be a pleasure to assist her even further!


How Do Lipotropic Formulas Work?

Lipotropic formulas work by regulating the build up of excess fat in the liver. The active ingredients of this supplement increase the levels of lecithin, breaking up cholesterol for delivery to the bloodstream.

Before fat can be distributed in the body, it is virtually all transferred to the liver via the hepatic veins of the small intestines. Therefore Lipotropic approaches break down fats before they have a chance at reaching the rest of the body by emulsifying fat at its source.

Lipids include cholesterol, high density lipoprotein, triglycerides and the more harmful low density lipoproteins. Lipid disorders such as high cholesterol, may lead to life threatening illnesses such as stroke, coronary artery disease, heart attack, Type II diabetes, Dyslipidemia, as well as gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep Apnea and other respiratory problems. A Lipotropic supplement will reduce the chances of developing these health afflictions.

Not only this, there is a detoxification effect in the breaking down of amines accumulated in the body through the processing of proteins.

These formulas also assist the liver to process hormones, the fat subcomponent – glycogen and the simple sugar – glucose as well as other processes important to overall health.

There are four lipotropics present in this formula – Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Betaine HCL and Methionine.


So, Why Is A Lipotropic Effective in giving weight loss?

Lipotropic weight loss supplements focus upon the cause of weight loss in a more natural way. Many people who overeat do so not because they have eaten insufficiently but because they are malnourished. By consuming the wrong kinds of food the body still hungers as it has not been provided with the essential nutrition that it needs. A Lipotropic formula does not suppress this natural urge by over-stimulation with caffeine or amphetamine related substances provided in many weight loss supplements. Neither does it switch off the centers in the brain responsible for hunger, which are signified for good reason.

Instead the essential fat emulsifying components of a healthy diet are provided to break down food and make it more accessible to the digestive system. In this way whatever beneficial nourishment in the consumed food can be more readily used by the body and in doing so reduces the natural response of hunger to malnutrition. Hunger is therefore naturally suppressed, with this effect being even more pronounced with healthier food intake.

Studies have shown that people will have a reduction of appetite and when they do eat, it is in generally smaller portions. These have been shown to reduce body fat levels without having to practice starvation dieting.


How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Results vary, however losses of 7 to 10lbs weight per week are common for those who already weigh 180lbs to 260lbs. For those who are presently at least 25lbs overweight this is certainly acceptable.

However, those wishing to lose only 6lbs of weight approaching their own natural weight of for example, 122lbs from 128lbs, should apply caution or another means of weight loss.

For these people, results may occur too fast and with too much weight reduction for their natural size.

Even half doses can have significant impact!



The Scientific Explanation

All Ingredients

This is a proprietary blend, but to give the main ingredients:

Choline Bitartrate This substance is found naturally in foods such as peas, beans and eggs and is important to the general function and structure in cells and in the liver for counteracting fatty liver diseases. It is also used as a supplement to counteract a whole range of other conditions such as arteriosclerosis and memory loss. Tests have been conducted to show that overall physical performance is improved with the consumption of this supplement, especially for those involved in endurance-orientated exercises. The quantity provided in the daily intake of this lipotropic supplement provides at least half of your RDA. In one study, healthy young adult men undertook a choline free diet for three weeks, at which point they showed sharp declines of tissue concentrations of choline and 50% increase in a blood serum marker of liver damage.

Reduce Cholesterol

Inositol – classified under the Vitamin B complexes. This has positive effects for the breakdown of fats, reducing cholesterol levels, insulin signal transduction, etc. with an overall positive effect on cell membranes throughout the body, digestive transit, etc. and is an especially important supplement for those consuming large quantities of coffee. Inositol has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on countering hair loss as well as in reducing depression and panic attacks.

Aid Digestion

Betaine HCL – This ingredient is used by the body to produce higher levels of Hydrochloric acid, for the digestion of fats and proteins. This is a powerful ingredient for the creation of a suitable acidity for the digestion of food.

Alleviate Depression

Methionine – This facilitates the function of both Choline and Inositol present in this supplement, adding synergetic effect to the fat loss effect. This also contributes to increases in norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine and in doing so reduces depression. Depression is often associated with compensatory/displacement eating habits - this therefore also addresses the psychological perspective on weight gain. Estrogens reduce bile flow through the liver, while methionine has been shown specifically to counteract this effect. Methionine detoxifies byproducts of protein synthesis – this is especially important for those on high protein diets.

Reduce Sugar Cravings

Gymnema sylvestris – This has in particular been used in the successful treatment of diabetes. Also known as Gumar or Shardunikah, this is an age-old Vedic (ancient Indian) remedy for the treatment of stomach complaints including constipation, renal problems, water retention, etc. This supplement has been shown to boost insulin levels and assist in the control of healthy blood sugar levels. When studied at the molecular level, this is similar in structure to sugar, thereby blocking sugar absorption and was often traditionally used as a cure for a ‘sweet tooth’.

Increase Energy Levels

Paullinia Cupana – This is found from a Brazilian vine and in the jungles of the Amazon. It is a stimulant with natural caffeine content that curbs the appetite and promotes awareness, mental alertness and physical performance, particularly for aerobic forms of exercise. The caffeine levels provided in this supplement are only a fraction of the FDA recommended daily intake. It is also known for having aphrodisiac effects.


Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Chromium Polynicotinate – This ingredient is important for the stabilization of blood sugar levels and regulation of cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that this ingredient hundreds of times more biologically active than Chromium Picolinate, which has sometimes been used in lesser weight loss supplements to regulate insulin levels.

Doctors to combat heightened blood sugar levels, as a result of either advanced diabetes or insulin intolerance, use Chromium Polynicotinate medication.

This ingredient has also been associated with reductions in cancer, fatty liver and sluggish lymph drainage.

This Also contains L Carnitine and Lecithin!

…All in a non prescription formula

As with all the ingredients of this Bionutricals formula, this is not a prescription drug, yet it has been shown to be just as effective in countering obesity and type II diabetes as prescription only medication.


Why Is This Approach Better Than What I Have Used Before?

There are many individuals attempting to regain their previous figure and yet without success. Only 5% of annual dieters find a solution that keeps their weight down. Why is this? The answer is that generally speaking, other weight loss strategies have oversights.

Typical approaches include -

Thermogenic weight loss pills - which in the longer term may inhibit weight loss, much due to their stimulant properties that inhibit sleep. Studies have shown that those who sleep fewer than 5 hours per night are 76% more likely to be obese than those who sleep 7 or more hours. The only stimulant present in this Lipotropic supplement is in the low natural levels of caffeine from the Guarana content, which provided it is taken with the earlier meals of the day, has minimal effects on sleep.

Thermogenic supplements typically have high levels of Ephedrine/Caffeine stimulants – these can produce very rapid weight loss over just a few days – yet with possible impacts on health and possible behavioural changes when taken over extended periods of time. Frequent users can often show signs of chemical dependency.

Calorie controlled diets – These ironically in the longer term will cause a person to increase their weight. The reason for this is the slowing down of the metabolism due to the body’s natural self-preserving response when consuming less calories than it needs. When returning to normal calorie intake, much more food is converted to fat.

Body wrap methods absorb excess toxins and water at the skin surfaces. The skin improves in appearance often with much reduction in cellulite, however a common complaint is that when returning to the scales, little weight loss is actually measured. Fat stored deeper within the body generally remains unaffected.

High carbohydrate/low fat diets – While the real causes of hunger are not addressed, a low fat/high carbohydrate diet is typically ineffectual as the body converts carbohydrate to fat, making no change in weight whatsoever.

Low Carbohydrate diets – Many people complain that these are too strict and too hard to follow, tending to deprive your body of energy, which mainly derives from carbohydrates and as a result slows your metabolism.

…. However Lipotropics are different

Lipotropic methods naturally work with the digestive system to facilitate the digestion of food, thereby reducing hunger. They place far less stress upon the body in comparison to most of these approaches and are far more in keeping with a long term weight loss target.

Why are they different?

Lipotropics have a different approach to weight loss than other methods as they focus on using specific nutrients to encourage the liver to emulsify and chemically break down fats, which renders them available to the body for energy use rather than deposit for storage.

Some weight loss pills can be too strong such as Fen-Phen banned by the FDA. Lipotropics are far less likely to contain dangerous drugs, instead providing a natural high.

They are often used by dieticians to enhance the complete detoxification of the liver and digestive tract. They also facilitate recovery from conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and chemically induced liver disease.


What Parts Of The Body Do Lipotropics Work On?

In breaking down fats, Lipotropics facilitate the lymphatic system, ensuring proper drainage and less congestion in the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymphatic tissues, lymph capillaries and lymph vessels all have improved function. A healthy lymphatic system also implies improved lymphocyte levels, anti-body levels and higher levels of phagocytes all of which are a cornerstone of a healthy immunity.

  • The blood


  • Hepatic Veins / Digestive system


  • Lymphatic System


  • The heart


The nutrients of the digestive system are transported after absorption by the blood system, via the hepatic veins of the small intestine directly to the liver. Less fat accumulation in the Liver provides an improved hepatic function focused on the essential processing of food rather than inhibited by the accumulation of toxins and combating of bacterial infections in the digestive tract itself.

The homogenization of lipids in the blood leads to the inhibition of platelet production, a lessening of clotting blood/embolism as well as improved heart contraction.

Why should I buy Higher Proclivity Lipotropics above any other?

It is recommended for the average person to consume 1000mg of each of Choline, Inositol and Methionine every day (RDA).

High proportion of the RDA of essential natural Lipotropics

Under the standard dosage, this supplement provides 80% of the required Choline, 60% of Inositol and 40% of Methionone, intensively boosting the ability of the liver to reduce down fats, on top of these ingredients that are already naturally provided in foods.

Lower toxins and strengthen immunity

The proportions provided in this supplement have been tested specifically by Bionutricals naturopaths, to provide the most synergetic effect by exacting procedures. Not only is the elimination of fat prioritized but also the elimination of toxins and strengthening of the immune system.

The most important Lipotropic content

A brief study of all the Lipotropics available on the market will show that choline and inositol are the most important. Each of these is found naturally, in lower concentrations within a well balanced diet. These are provided in the highest concentrations within this supplement - without these fats and bile can become trapped in the liver, causing severe problems such as cirrhosis and blocking fat metabolism.

More effective Nutrient Lipotropics

Nutrient Lipotropics (i.e. found naturally in foods) as provided here, are typically more effective than herbal types, which can have diuretic properties that hinders metabolism of fat. They have also been more thoroughly tested and investigated.

Beneficial Additional Ingredients

Since these ingredients are not chemically treated, these do not have missing components as is common in other brands. This brand also has additional ingredients that are not specifically Lipotropic, providing appetite suppression (Gymnema sylvestris), mild stimulating effects (Guarana), heightening of core metabolism Krebs cycle processes within mitochondria and blood sugar stabilization (Chromium Polynicotinate), making this formula that builds upon a healthy Lipotropic basis.

No unexpected additional ingredients!

There is also no artificial dye, no salt, no sugar, no yeast, no chemical additives,no soy, no preservatives, no milk, no gender specific additions such as testosterone or estrogen

Reduced probability of obesity related diseases

In short this product is superior in quality, potency, efficiency and fat burning optimization. Not only will you lose weight, you will reduce the probability of ailments such as :

Cancer, Fatty liver, Sluggish lymph drainage, Diabetes and insulin fluctuations, Coronary, Heart disease, Stroke, Cardiac malfunction

Exceptional feedback from previous customers

On the basis of previous returns, feedback, complaints and testimonials, more than 9/10 customers have stated that they have been satisfied with this product.




About Us

We tested Higher Proclivity Lipotropics ourselves!

We are a family company and use this product ourselves, which is an interesting story in its own right! After years of trying homeopathy, the Hay diet, Zen Macrobiotics and even Ayurvedic approaches, the mother of our family finds this is an excellent way to regulate her weight, particularly for the Betaine HCL content, which in England is no longer readily available (or at least she cannot find any!)

Previous Weight Loss Supplements experience

In this context, we have been involved in the sale of weight loss supplements for a considerable time through mail order.

....And after much testing, time and investment we have created these!

Considerable eBay experience

Our expertise with eBay has facilitated the development of other eBay trading concerns – Please send us an email to get in contact with other eBay traders having 100% feedback ratings who know us well.

Please note our rapidly increasing eBay feedback. We are expecting the testimonials of many thousands of ebay users in the near future, providing further evidence of the effectiveness of this product.

Cheapest Price available on eBay!

This is the cheapest offer that you will see in comparison to sales in magazines or other media, which is being provided for our newest eBay clients.


1. Do Higher Proclivity Lipotropic fat burners have any undesirable side effects?

These do not contain any substances that are Amphetamine or Ephreda related. Under normal levels of consumption, there will be no anxiousness, nervousness or related neuronal spiking. The natural levels of caffeine provided by the Guarana ingredient is only a fraction of the FDA recommended daily limit.

All ingredients are 100% natural.

2. How much weight loss is possible?

Results vary, however losses of 7 to 10lbs weight per week are common for those who already weigh 180lbs to 260lbs. For those who are presently at least 25lbs overweight this is certainly acceptable. However, those wishing to lose only 6lbs of weight approaching their own natural weight of for example, 122lbs from 128lbs, should apply caution or another means of weight loss. For these people, results may occur too fast and with too much weight reduction for their natural size.

3. Are Higher Proclivity Lipotropic fat burners by prescription only?

Anybody can take these supplements without a prescription. However, please note as in point 2 above, those needing only a little weight loss will probably find these too potent.

4. What makes Lipotropic fat burners unique?

These are 100% herbal formulations without any form of artificial chemical alteration. Although these are potent, they are without harmful side effects and presenting a 99% success rate.

5. Are there any harmful side effects to consuming these supplements?

Each ingredient has been qualified by the FDA and certified by them to fall under FDA’s ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ or GRAS list. Each bottle expires after a period of two years and what we have in stock is delivered to the consumer almost immediately after manufacture. Furthermore, these bottles are tamper proof with a large exterior plastic layer seal. Not only this, before becoming registered resellers of this product, we made our own extensive investigation into the safety of the ingredients before considering their sale, by referring to other medical authorities.

30 day money back guarantee:

30 day money back guarantee:

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on these supplements, (in addition to your statutory rights). We are so confident in these supplements that if they do not work for you, we will provide a refund. Just let us know within this period – of course if you are deliberately eating a great deal more and exercising less, the effect of the supplements will be much more difficult to see!




The secret of your success is private to you!

Your privacy is our top priority. These will be delivered to you in a bubble wrap envelope having no indication of the contents within.


Recipients within the United Kingdom will receive their package by first class post. Deliveries will be made on the same day if ordered by 2.30pm on Monday to Friday. UK recipients should receive their package within three working days. International recipients should receive their package in 5 to 7 days by airmail. Please allow up to 14 days in case of postage delays, although your emails concerning delivery delays are of course important. All deliveries are made with a completed certificate of postage, allowing for a post office investigation and refund for missing consignments.


Payment is expected within 7 days of the end of listing. All cheques must be payable in GBP £ pound sterling. Please allow up to 7 days for clearance of cheques from dates of receipt.

Postage costs:

These postage costs include more than the price of the stamp only but also a packaging and handling fee. Upon buying this product, you are deemed to have accepted these postage costs. International shipping may incur additional duty and VAT charges, that will be payable by the buyer when delivered.


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules two times daily with meals and with a glass of water. Some may require a higher dosage. Please email us for more details.

Best Practice Advice

Consult your Doctor before use if you have, or have had, any health condition or if you are taking any medications or remedies including OTC medications, or are planning any medical procedure. Discontinue use and consult your Doctor if any adverse reactions occur, or allergic reactions.

This product is not designed as a medicine. This product and description is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Postage Fees


We Are Paypal Verified!

Paypal has industry leading security and fraud prevention systems and is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide and is the preferred method on eBay.

We are Paypal verified members and have extensive experience, please ask about our associated eBay userids.

Please note that all credit card and bank funded transactions can be made through Paypal and with their customer protection systems (In addition to what your bank and credit card will provide)

Buy effective weight loss pills with confidence at Higher Proclivity!



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