Dvi-D 24+1 Pin Maschio Al Vga Femminile Convertitore Adattatore

This adapter converts a DVI-D analog male plug to a VGA plug and can adapt to any existing system that uses VGA technology. Have a non-DVI Monitor but want to take advantage of the high-performance Digital Video of DVI-D? This Adapter is just for you. It provide a high-bandwidth video interface for the host and display devices of today, while addressing the bandwidth requirements of tomorrow.


• Brand New DVI-D 24+1 (Male) to 15 Pin VGA(Female) adapter converter.

• High quality signal transmission • Converts DVI-D 24+1 pin male to VGA female

• Connect VGA/SVGA monitor cable to DVI plug

• Easy to install, plug and play

• Fits any standard 15 Pin VGA port

• Compatible with HDTV, digital CRT displays/ projectors/ LCD Monitors and Panels

• Thumbscrews and barrel nuts make installation a breeze.

• Full undermold shield helps meet FCC requirements on EMI/RFI interference

• Weight: 32g

• Dimensions: Size: 40 x 40 x 15 mm

• Colour: Grey

• Brand New & Sealed

• CE Approved • 100 Day Warranty

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