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US $175,00
Circa EUR 162,72(inclusa spedizione)
US $51,45 (circa EUR 47,84) USPS Priority Mail International | Vedi i dettagli
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Eagleville, Stati Uniti
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Tutto il mondo
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Main Color: Blue & White Purpose: PLATTER
Pattern: Blue Willow Maker: Arthur J. Wilkinson
Material: China

Greetings and WELCOME! to the…


 Item for sale... ~ ANTIQUE BLUE WILLOW PLATTER ~  

   Here's one of several pieces of OLD Blue Willow china that I'll be posting. I did a barn clean out recently and found this china stashed away and to my amazement most of it was in perfect condition. It was however COVERED in layers of filth and dirt that had accumulated over several decades. I had to soak every piece in diluted bleach water to get them clean but as you can now see in the pics it looks fabulous.

  The ever popular Blue Willow pattern depicts an oriental garden scene with birds flying overhead, pagoda's and various buildings, ming trees and cherry blossom trees and a walking bridge over the river. The outer edge of the design has various patterns of fish scales and florals as well as geometric squares and circles. The flow blue or cobalt blue against the white stoneware is very striking.

  This piece is a oblong or rectangular platter. It is MINT perfect! Meaning there are no chips, no flakes, and no cracks. I was shocked! It does have some crazing in the glaze and shows signs of use and wear which should be expected in a piece this old. It's stamped on the bottom with the makers mark which says "Willow" just above a crown and below that is a standing lion. Surrounding the lion on 3 sides is a banner which reads "Newport Pottery co LTD" and below the banner it reads "Burslem, England". There is a large letter "S" printed just to the left. There is also the numbers or letters "10" impressed on the back. The Newport potteries were bought by the A. J. Wilkinson (Arthur J. Wilkinson) Pottery company in the early 1920's.  These particular marks date the piece to around that time and the companies later on became a member of the Wedgwood group. This is an awesome original piece of English Earthenware that's 80-90 years old and it's perfect!

  It would make a great gift that can actually be used this holiday season or add it to your own collection of antique Blue Willow. Bid now before ya forget about it or get sniped at the end of the auction. There's no reserve so one bid buys it! Thanks for looking and good luck bidding!  

  The platter measures 11 7/8" inches by 9 1/2" inches . It's about 1 1/4" inches high.  

  Local pickup is always welcome and free of any charges at my Norristown, PA location, zip 19403.  

  Please remember this is an auction and these are USED items. You should expect to find normal signs of age and use such as scuff marks, swirls, nicks, crazing etc. Everything is sold “As-Is”. What you see is exactly what you will recieve, so as always…"YOU" be the final judge and bid accordingly! I've been selling on ebay for 10 years so you can bid with confidence that I'm an honest seller of quality items. My feedback speaks for itself. Never make assumptions. Email me with any questions or concerns BEFORE you bid. Thanks!

Check out my eBay STORE for 100's of other great items!

This is a “NO RESERVE” Auction!

Thanks for looking... HAPPY BIDDING!

MY AUCTION TERMS are as follows… please read before you bid.


NO excuses, NO exceptions! If you don't agree to my terms then DON’T bid! 

I sell used items so ALL AUCTION SALES ARE FINAL!

NOTE- If you have (0) feedback, very little feedback, negative feedback, or questionable history, your bids may be cancelled and/or rejected at my discretion. Nothing personal, it's simply business.

SEVERAL things to consider before you place a bid…

Do you have a question about something?

Ask FIRST, before you bid and please read the info below under "SHIPPING TIMES".



Local pickup is not only welcome but also free at my place in Eagleville, PA (19403). I may be able to deliver for a fee within 100 miles or so. Please email in advance for more info. I can also make this item available for pickup in the Northern Tier area of PA just North of Mansfield 16946 for a fee.

I normally ship small items with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and include delivery confirmation. Larger items will generally ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) ground. Large items such as furniture will have to ship freight with a shipper such as Plycon Van Lines. Where applicable please use the shipping calculator to enter your postal zip code and get a shipping quote to your location. Shipping and handling costs will be whatever the calculator indicates. I do my best to keep shipping costs to a minimum but nothing is cheap these days. Packing materials, rising gas costs, my time, travel expense and actual shipping fees are all real factors in determining a fair shipping price. The software on eBay does NOT always give an accurate quote, especially on oversized items. Items are NOT prepackaged or weighed. Many times there will be additional surcharges applied by the shipping company once the item is actually packed and shipped. The quote given here is merely a guide and should not be considered binding. I'm only human and sometimes I screw up. I occasionally fail to enter accurate specs into the calculator which may cause an invalid shipping quote. If the cost seems unusually high or low please email me so I can check it to be sure it's correct. If I find that I mistakenly entered the wrong information I'll make any needed adjustments and send a corrected invoice. I can't ship at a loss just because of a simple human mistake.


I will ship this item anywhere in the world. Use the shipping calculator to enter your country and/or postal code and you can get a quote for shipping that already includes all fees. 


Due to new rules on ebay all items being shipped will now be INSURED. The cost for insurance is included in the shipping charges. Insurance is NO LONGER optional! Please note that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss or damage to any item once it leaves my hands! That's what insurance is for! I always pack with extreme care but I will not assume responsibility for any items damaged or lost once it leaves my hands.  I will file a claim with the appropriate shipper in the event of any damage or loss and any monies recieved as a result of that claim will be refunded to the buyer.


Please pay attention here. I normally travel several days a week and am frequently out of town on other business for up to a week at a time. As such, I am NOT able to retrieve my mail on a daily basis nor am I able to ship on a daily basis. I usually ship once or twice a week but it varies depending on my schedule. I don't always have access to a computer to check emails or answer questions but I do my best to answer inquiries ASAP. If you send me a note and don't get an answer right away I'm probably out of town. I do the best I can to ship items quickly but depending on when I get your payment, the type of payment you send and a number of other variables, it will normally be about 1-2 weeks after the auction ends before you receive your item. Email me in advance if you need a rush on something. If you're in a big hurry and don't have the patience to wait then please do us both a favor and shop with another seller. I'm only one person and this is not my entire life. Thank's for understanding.


I may cancel the sale and sell the item to another bidder or relist it if I don’t receive your payment within 5 days from auctions end!  I always file a report on non paying bidders. 
All payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Buyers planning to pick up an item in person can pay in cash provided it's within 5 days. Otherwise you'll need to pay in advance of pick up. I RELUCTANTLY accept PayPal but ONLY because ebay is now FORCING sellers to accept it. So much for FREE ENTERPRISE in the USA.  If you would like to use some other method to make payment then just send me an email and I'll be happy to oblige.

NOTE...  There will be a $30 charge for any bounced or other returned deposited payments.

5. SALES TAX... PA residents pay 6% sales tax. Also, anyone that picks an item up in person will have to pay PA sales tax regardless of where you live. This will normally only affect people buying large furniture items that can't be shipped out of state but it applies to anyone picking up an item in person.

6. STORAGE... This generally applies to large items that are too big to ship but includes any item a buyer intends to pick up in person. I am more than willing to keep things for a short period of time (2 weeks) until you can pick up your item. However, unless we have agreed on other arrangements in advance I will begin charging storage fees after 2 weeks on things that haven't been picked up at the rate of $1 a day. Items left unclaimed for 45 days or more after the auctions end will be resold and any monies paid by the buyer will be forfeited.

7. FEEDBACK… Pretty simple... Your feedback will get mine. I certainly appreciate positive feedback and will leave positive feedback in return once I receive yours. If there's a problem of any kind just email me and allow me the opportunity to correct the issue before you resort to leaving negative or neutral feedback. That isn't going to help. I'll do my best to keep a happy customer if you just give me the chance. I encourage all buyers to leave a 5 star rating on the DSR panel in order to help me keep my account in good standing with ebay and allow me to continue to offer great deals on quality merchandise. 


The ridiculous new rules ebay has adopted concerning feedback have made it almost impossible to remain a seller in good standing. Ebay now "REQUIRES" sellers to maintain a star rating on the detailed feedback panel GREATER than 4 stars or the sellers listings can be canceled, the seller will be charged higher fees, the sellers accounts can be suspended or even terminated. This is simply unfair. It is IMPERATIVE that buyers realize how crucial these star ratings are for sellers and act responsibly. Leaving anything less than a full 5 star rating can have long term major impact on a sellers ability to sell on ebay and in this economy we are all just trying to survive. Most normal thinking people would consider 3-4 stars as a perfectly normal, average, or acceptable rating but ebay considers it a "failure". In order for sellers to remain in good standing on ebay we have to recieve a 5 star rating in all four categories on the detailed seller feedback panel. Unfortunately there will always be a tiny percentage of people out there that think the world owes them something for nothing and when they can't get it they resort to leaving sellers unjustified feedback. This is simply a fact of life and goes along with being a seller on ebay. I have always done my very best to offer quality merchandise at fair prices and I always do my very best to give buyers the best service possible but some people just can't be pleased no matter what ya do. To those people I say, go away and stay away and we'll all be blessed in the process. For the other 99.5% of ebayers, I welcome your business! Thanks in advance from the Dragon's Den!


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I'm proud to be an American!

GOD Bless AMERICA and God Bless our fighting servicemen!

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Luogo in cui si trova l'oggetto: Eagleville, Stati Uniti
Spedizione verso: Tutto il mondo
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