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Dettagli su  1589 (1633) MERCATOR Map SICILY "Siciliae Regnum" Rare!

1589 (1633) MERCATOR Map SICILY "Siciliae Regnum" Rare!
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Siciliae Regnum

  48 cm x 34 cm copperplate engraving, 55 cm x 47 cm sheet size, modern hand colour, Amsterdam, engraved in Duisburg circa 1589, printed in Amsterdam 1633

We are pleased to offer this scarce example of the exceptional map of Sicily (Van der Krogt 7510:1A1) by the renowned Gerard Mercator (1512-1594) from the 1633 German edition of the famous Mercator-Hondius AtlasMercator introduced this plate in 1589 and based the cartography largely on an earlier map of the island by the Venetian cartographer Giacomo (aka Jacobo) Gastaldi (1500-1566), although he clearly consulted other sources as well.   The map presents elegant calligraphy, Mercator's trademark moiré pattern for ocean "waves" and a distinctive strapwork cartouche.   Mercator's eponymous world map projection, which in the felicitous phrase of his biographer Nicholas Crane "reconciled the sphere and the plane", combined with his unsurpassed dedication and skill as a cartographer and engraver make him without question the most famous mapmaker of all time.  The master engraver (and a fine geographer in his own right) Jodocus Hondius (1563-1612) purchased Mercator's map copperplates from Mercator's heirs and with those legendary maps as a foundation Hondius added maps of his own to create the Mercator-Hondius Atlas, a practice later continued by his sons Jodocus II (1593-1629) and Henricus (1597-1651) and their brother in law Jan Jansson (1588-1664) that allowed the eventual publication of nearly 50 editions in multiple languages.  Given the quality of the cartography and the superb engraving work, it is no surprise that Mercator's maps were still unsurpassed and continued to be issued decades after the plates were engraved as is the case here.   Wonderfully decorative, this example exhibits hand colour work of the finest calibre, and will make an elegant presentation if matted and framed.

We begin our survey of the map with the handsome title cartouche - many of the ornate cartouches used by Mercator and his friend Abraham Ortelius were derived from a series of ornament prints published in the 1560s by the brilliant architect, painter, designer and graphic artist Hans Vredeman de Vries:

To get a sense of map detail consider that the distance from the erupting Mt. Aetna to Catania as seen below measures just 4 cm actual size:

Palermo, Marsala and environs - note pictorial topography and tiny "trees":

Note elegant calligraphy throughout - Mercator was a master calligrapher and published a very influential treatise on the art:

Siracusa and the Golfo di Noto:  

Messina and the northeast:

To illustrate the cachet the Mercator name brought to marketing the Mercator-Hondius atlas, the famous frontispiece seen below shows Jodocus Hondius senior in fruitful collaboration with the great man himself, a wholly fictitious scenario.  Still, the Hondius clan deserves great credit for rejuvenating Mercator's Atlas and bringing to fruition the kind of cartographic collection Mercator originally envisioned.  Note the small dog by the armillary sphere - symbol of the Hondius family and their printer's mark De wackere Hondt (the watchful dog):

Map exhibits some creasing in centrefold area as can be evaluated in this photo - see condition description below for futher details:

The extensive German text on verso (derived by the Hondius firm a variety of sources) includes a decorative woodcut device and is a fascinating document in and of itself - we present excerpts derived from the 1636 English edition below:

"...The Sicilians are for the most part of an ingenious spirit, eloquent, wittie, and accute, but great talkers, suspitious, jealous, malicious, rude and rusticall, but good Souldiers, full of spleene & thirsting after revenge.  They follow the Religion of the Romish Church, and use the Italian language, but much impaired, and falne from his true elegancy, as having commixture with of the Greeke, Saracen, Norman, Spanish & French tongues.  The totall number of the Inhabitants is about one million and 300000 Soules."

"What shall I say of the delicate, savourie, and odoriferous wines?  Pliny tasted diverse wines and was curious to finde out the goodnesses of them that in describing all sorts of most excellent wines gives a particular commendation to the wines in this Iland above all others."

"The first Inhabitants that we finde to have dwelt in this Countrie, were the huge and cruell Gyants so often mentioned in the Odysses of the Devine Poet Homer, called Lestrigones and Cyclops, of which last ranke was the so much famoused Poliphemus, that with such humanity entertained Ulysses and his companions."

"...Aetna, now named Mungiball, which continually sendeth forth flames of fire from the abundance of Sulphure and Brimstone contained in the bosome of this hill, which is blowne by the wind, driving in at the chaps of the Earth, as by a pair of bellowes.".

Condition - Please note carefully:   This 377-year-old map is in very good condition as can be ascertained from photos, good impression with distinct platemark, superb hand colour work, image area essentially pristine.  However, bidders should carefully evaluate this condition description and all attendant photos - the map exhibits some fairly pronounced vertical creases in upper centrefold area.  The most prominent is a vertical crease to the left of centrefold extending ~ 18 cm past top neatline before dissipating; a second vertical crease, considerably less pronounced,is present to the right of centrefold and extends ~ 24 cm past top neatline.  A third smaller vertical crease is present in map centre ~ 1 cm to the immediate right of centrefold; a narrow band of trivial soft creasing is present left of centrefold, nothing significant.  Photos are presented above for evaluation - a few letters of placenames are partially obscured by creasing but legibility is not affected nor is there any loss of map.  Verso exhibits small University of Copenhagen library stamp; deaccessioned with proper provenance.  Part of original binding strip is present on verso and its outline is faintly visible on recto.  An old repaired tear is present in bottom margin just crossing neatline before terminating and is not really noticeable.  In all a very well preserved example of a classic Mercator map that will make an elegant presentation if matted and framed.   Inquiries welcome and we encourage you to visit our other auctions on eBay.

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"Some to beautify their halls, parlours and chambers... liketh, loveth, getteth, and useth maps, charts, and geographical globes" - John Dee (1527-1608)
"...Maps begin as dreams, pass through a finite life in the world, and resume as dreams again..," - Thomas Pynchon


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